Top 5 best CRM software in 2021

Twilead CRM Sample Pipeline
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The best CRM software to run your business (+ Bonus!)

When it comes to running your growing business, you need software that either goes beyond the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets or risks getting lost in it and wasting a lot of time.

A system of customer relationship management (CRM) becomes an essential tool, allowing you to manage everything you need from one place .

CRM software improves the efficiency of your daily operations by controlling how you interact with your customers, by managing tasks and making key data easily accessible and usable .

The implementation of one of the best CRM solutions on the market allows to develop an efficient and organized business , where you won’t miss any sales. You can simply track interactions with your customers or manage your sales pipeline, from prospecting until sale .

There are a multitude of CRM solutions, however within this article we have carried out a benchmark of the best CRMs in 2021 . We therefore specify that this article represents a totally subjective opinion.

But before diving into the CRM software market , what is a CRM?

What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), defined as customer relationship management (CRM), is a software system that helps business owners maintain their relationships with their customers . A CRM also contributes to organization, efficiency, time management and customer impression every step of the way.

CRM software has been around since the mid-1990s, but it has taken hold over the past decade. CRM platforms are powerful systems that connect all the data of your prospects and customers in one place. CRM records and analyzes all calls, emails and meetings , which improves customer service, drives sales and increases revenue.

You can personalize your large-scale activities by pleasing each of your prospects and customers with messages intended for them. You can track, segment, and slice data to make your sales and marketing smarter, more powerful, and more effective.

The customer relationship management is a literal description of what CRMs do, but those three bland words don’t say the whole story. Without software designed to help them master the details, business owners can tire themselves out trying to keep up. This is why CRMs have become must-haves for business owners, SMEs and startups who wish to improve their relationships with their prospects, customers and other contacts.

We have selected 5 CRM solutions that we consider to be the best on the market in 2021!


Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is a tool dedicated to sales management. There are no optional modules for marketing, project management, etc. According to Pipedrive’s website, its CRM system is designed for small teams with complex or lengthy sales processes.

What does Pipedrive CRM include?

When you sign up for the CRM system, you start with the plan “ Essential “which enables email tracking, product catalog creation, workflow automation, and personalized permissions for your sales team. The price is € 12.50 per user and per month:

  • An easy to use and manage sales funnel.
  • A mobile application to facilitate the use of the software on different devices
  • Sales reports

The major downside to Pipedrive is that their system doesn’t offer a lot of CRM functionality apart from sales management. We note that this “weak point” is reinforced by the main criticisms made on Pipedrive on the various rating tools by their clients.

Pipedrive support

If you need assistance, Pipedrive offers several options:

The first option is to search their resource web page for blogs, tips, and case studies. There’s also a Help Center where you’ll find videos, webinars, and tutoring guides, as well as a live chat window.

In summary

Overall, Pipedrive offers a sales driven CRM system at a reasonable price, this is one of the best CRMs for SMEs , but there is no phone support, even with the high-level “Enterprise” plan.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the biggest players in the CRM market and is part of the Zoho suite of business management tools . Emphasis is placed on ease of use , targeting businesses of all sizes.

In addition to integrating with other Zoho products, Zoho CRM integrates with many third-party applications.

What does Zoho CRM include?

The plan to which you are automatically subscribed is the plan “ Standard “from Zoho CRM. It includes multi-user portals, territory management functions and custom modules and buttons. Price of this formula: € 14 per user and per month. The most expensive and most complete plan, the plan “ Ultimate “with a price of € 52 per user per month.

Main functionalities included in the plan “ Standard “:

  • An app that scans business cards and lets you import data from social media platforms.
  • CRM hosts an integration marketplace with many applications.
  • Provides an AI assistance system called “Zia”.

One of the downsides of Zoho CRM is that it only understands 1 GB of storage with the standard plan . If you need additional document storage, you will need to pay extra per month for every 5 GB you need.

Zoho doesn’t offer much free assistance to help your business get settled on the system. However, it does offer webinars, documentation, and training videos for self-study. To contact Zoho Support directly, the only option is to submit a support ticket by email and wait for a response.

In summary

Zoho CRM is a versatile tool, with many integrations and social media support. However, unlike its competitors in this list, the training and support can have a relatively high cost .

Really Simple Systems CRM

Really simple CRM

The software CRM from Really Simple Systems includes everything you need to manage your sales and marketing in an all-in-one system . CRM is primarily designed for small and medium businesses operating in B2B . It’s easy to set up, and it takes just a few minutes to get started, without compromising on quality.

What is included in Really Simple Systems CRM?

The 14-day trial can be activated with the professional plan with the marketing tool activated. This version of the software helps users work smarter, providing them with the ability to manage and follow leads and contacts with customers .

With the integrated marketing tool, you can capture leads from your website, build marketing campaigns and send newsletters right from the system. You don’t need a separate emailing product because everything you need is in one place. Less promoted, an optional service support tool allows you to manage your customer support cases and record activity in the CRM record.

The plan “ professional “is offered from € 26 per user and per month. Its main features are the integration of two-way messaging, personalized settings, user authorization levels and quotes.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Free customer support
  • Integrated Marketing

Like the other solutions presented, one of the advantages of Really Simple Systems is that it is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), if that is important to your business.

The latest update of the CRM system allows integration with Zapier . This means that the tool is able to work with thousands of professional applications.

In summary

Really Simple Systems is an easy-to-use cloud-based CRM system designed for small and medium businesses, startups, but also perfect for larger teams. There’s a customizable sales CRM, plus options for marketing and service tools and integrations – so it’s all in one place, enabling great team collaboration and customer relationships that drive business growth. sales.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is one of the leading cloud based tool / software that provides creative CRM solutions that can be used effectively for any business, from large companies to small start-ups .

Salesforce CRM is cloud-based, scalable, and very easy to use. It is customizable and provides a platform for growth and upgrades. It supports mobile and integration.

This tool helps to understand customer needs , shows new ways to help, fixes problems faster, and enables quick, clean deployment. With just one view, you can sell, service, and market like anything.

In terms of price, the marketing part has free access and count 25 € per month per user.

Regarding the functionalities:

  • It provides communities and markets for sales and leads.
  • It supports messaging integration and allows running applications.
  • Salesforce helps with forecasting and keeps the customer engaged all the time.
  • It provides real-time chat, analysis and visualization.

In summary

Salesforce is a tool that provides a personalized dashboard , very easy to learn. It has many social media features which increase its popularity and it is cloud based and allows the automation of activities with efficient management, all for a fairly low price making it a reliable tool.

However, there are some weak points if you want to improve the tool more in depth because it comes with expensive customization and complex environment , because it takes a dedicated team to manage it. Finally, technical support is average and the reporting process is complex.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM : In today’s market, HubSpot is one of the the best known and most used CRM tools . It has created a great impact on its customers through its powerful mechanisms and abilities. It is largely free, which attracts most of the customers who want easy use.

HubSpot’s platform enables customers to get started quickly without changing much . It’s quick and simple, and has most of the features that other CRMs have. HubSpot undoubtedly provides the best integration CRM environment that other CRM tools don’t provide for free. It is flexible and powerful software.

Price :

The free CRM version comes with several features.

  • Starter: 41 € / month
  • Pro: € 740 / month
  • Company: € 2,944 / month

Characteristics :

  • It offers you personalization, task board and helps to synchronize the marketing department.
  • It has good integration of cell phones, messaging and websites.
  • It helps manage the pipeline with full visibility.
  • It automatically records every activity and allows you to see all contact information in one place.

In summary

Huspot is one of the most complete and easy to use tools! It offers great functionality for finding businesses. He continues to work in the background without disturbing other tools. It comes with all the famous Google features and integrations like Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar. It keeps customer records in one place and we can also read customer reviews.

In terms of points to improve, unfortunately, you cannot send emails to several companies at the same time through Hubspot . And there is no automatic update on Sidekick and we have to do it manually for existing businesses.

Her free version does not have all the features .
No automatic update on Sidekick and we have to do it manually for existing businesses.

Bonus: Twilead CRM

Twilead CRM Sample Pipeline

Twilead (yes, the site you are on now!): In today’s market, Twilead is one of the the most innovative and attractive CRM tools . It has created a great impact since its release in 2019 thanks to its powerful mechanisms and abilities, having nothing to envy of the market leaders seen previously. It is the only one in its market to offer a fixed and unlimited rate, regardless of the number of users in your company or the number of contacts imported. To a large extent this is a revolutionary subscription model in a CRM market, and it is what attracts most customers.

Twilead’s platform allows customers to get started quickly by implementing the tool in their digital environment (SEO, website, chatbot, social networks, etc.) . The tool is simple and fast and has all the features that large CRMs have, Moreover . Twilead goes well beyond of a contact management solution: it is a real digital hub which centralizes all the functionalities that one might expect from a large company information system, with less price and complexity.

Price :

Once unlocked with your subscription, the platform’s functionality is completely unlimited, as is the number of users. True plus in the world of CRM: emails, SMS, and calls are included in the platform and ready to use. Credits are offered to you on the basis of your monthly subscription, and are billed back to you at a favorable price in the event of excessive use.

  • Essential 1.0:97 $ / Month (Or 82 €)
  • Business 2.0: 197 $ / Month (Or 167 €)
  • Performance 4.0: $ 297 / Month (Or € 247)

Characteristics :

Twilead has a multitude of features expected from a CRM like leaders (fully developed in Twilead) but also many unique features on the market – specially developed for digital agencies, freelancers, VSEs or SMEs wishing to take advantage maximizing their digital presence and maximizing the experience / perceived value in exchanges with their market. For example, the world leader in the creation of sales funnels, ClickFunnels, or even Kajabi for hosting courses, training, member areas, are fully developed in Twilead, and better. Some unique features:

  • Centralized SMS, Emails & Two-Way Calls in a single discussion thread
  • Compatible with GoogleMyBusiness page integration and chat functionality
  • GoogleMyBusiness incoming call tracking
  • Integration of pages and centralization of Facebook / Instagram messages
  • Pre-defined automation systems: example of an SMS reminder of missed calls (useful for capturing and calling back a prospect before he disappears, when we know that 50% of companies do not answer their switchboard. ..)
  • Reputation management with integration of a GoogleMyBusiness review widget to display on your site to boost SEO
  • Drag & drop website creator (example of WordPress and Elementor, soon available in native integration)
  • Web Chat – chat widget for your website, ideal for capturing contact details of your prospects and engaging visitors
  • SMS payment links if you use Stripe or Paypal to capture payments in your business
  • IOS & Android mobile app connected to your opportunities, contacts, discussion thread and notifications
  • Email Marketing with a drag & drop or HTML email creator – the example of Mailchimp
  • Advanced and unlimited opportunity management pipelines (much better than Pipedrive!)
  • Personal and team calendars (replaces tools like Calendly)
  • Forms, surveys, questionnaires (replaces tools like Typeform)
  • Automated workflows – these are advanced “workflows”, the functionality of Hubspot only available at full cost
  • Sales tunnels (replaces tools like Clickfunnels or Kartra)
  • Membership platform (replaces tools like Kajabi)
  • Advanced performance reports, whether for the site visit, advertising performance by platform, or the performance of sales agents …

In summary :

Twilead is certainly one of the most complete tools for its price, going so far as to save you hundreds of euros of monthly subscription by having developed in-house the equivalence of all the leading digital products. It also offers excellent unique features 100% adapted to a growing digital need. He continues to work in the background without disrupting other tools and will grow with your business. It comes with all the famous Google features and integrations like Gmail, Outlook, Calendars, and more. The tool is highly appreciated for its reputation management and its contribution to SEO to gain visibility.

On a prospecting point and unlike Hubspot, it is possible to send emails to several companies at the same time with emailing campaigns .

As for the trial period, Twilead does not have a free version, but a 14-day trial period with a tailor-made implementation call based on pre-written content and pre-automation scenarios, designed for your business.


All the best CRM systems on the 2021 list bring something unique to solve different management problems and help you run your business. This means that you will have to try a few to see what works best for you.

Bonus Twilead which goes much further than a CRM and which unlike all these traditional alternatives earlier in this article the business model is not related to unlocked features nor at number of users Where contacts ; everything is completely unlimited for a fixed price and the tool replaces the 5 CRMs above and more, click here to book your presentation of the tool

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