All your marketing tools and data, centralized in a single platform.

Easily integrate and manage all your marketing actions: marketing automation, email marketing, forms, surveys and questionnaires, sales tunnels, landing pages, websites…
Twilead is the focal point for all your marketing efforts.

Marketing automation

Email marketing

Creation of forms, surveys, questionnaires

Creation & hosting of websites and tunnels

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The power of multi-channel marketing automation

Save time and intensify your efforts with workflows. Develop and evaluate your prospects, personalize your emails on a large scale, automate your transversal operations, manage your data in bulk, etc.

Create scenarios and add unlimited actions starting from scratch or using the available scenario templates

Choose the trigger (s) for your scenario (CRM, ads, integrations, webhooks, etc.)

Connect more than 40 actions together, up to sending to external advertising audiences and Google Analytics

Use behavioral conditions and fields from your contacts to customize all actions

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mail builder

Build customer loyalty and grow your business with email

(Re) Activate your database in a few clicks! Easily create engaging emails in Twilead that will allow you to grow your business and sell more, getting the most out of your email marketing.

Email marketing software included in the platform

Stand out from the crowd with beautiful email templates

Make sure your emails are delivered safely

Turn insights into results - 100% GDPR compliant

Creation of conversion supports: forms, surveys, questionnaires

Easily create forms using a simple “drag-drop” editor. Add them to your website to convert anonymous visitors into leads that automatically flow into your CRM.

Grow your list with personalized signup content

Easily integrate all your content into your site

Turn visitors into subscribers with a pop-up form

Collect the data you need to send personalized and relevant content to your prospects / customers

form creation
drag and drop site

Creation and hosting of websites and sales funnels, unlimited

Edit your website, blog, landing pages and add your Twilead chatbot … in a few clicks and without needing to know how to code! Take advantage of powerful features to create your design with our simple “drag-drop” module.

Website creation, landing pages, sales funnels, webchat

Fully customizable design & responsive mobile sites

Secure hosting, high performance & SEO optimized

Integrated large capacity media management library

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