Deepen the relationship with your audience and make your customers the ambassadors of your business.

Revolutionize the relationship you have with your customers. Twilead allows you to take charge of all aspects to understand your audience and boost your customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

Centralized discussion thread

Fully integrated CRM

Smart lists and audience management

Reputation and review management

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Centralized communication wire

Find in the “conversations” tab of Twilead all the exchanges with your contacts within a single discussion thread. Use the different channels available to you to engage your audience.

Centralization of communications from a single tab

Notifications of your latest conversations and unread messages

Viewing your conversations or all those of your company

Included Email, Call, SMS, GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Instagram

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Fully integrated, unlimited CRM

Automatically track customer details and their interactions with your business in a single journey source, accessible to your entire team. All the features of the largest CRMs on the market !

All the information of your contacts in a database

Adding Notes, Tasks, and Custom Fields to Your Contacts

Follow-up of actions and the course of contacts with your company

A unique model with no limit of contacts or users

Smart contact lists

Create lists of your contacts and segment your audience based on a multitude of criteria. These lists are kept up to date in real time!

Creation of personalized audience and contact lists

Automatic smart registration and updates

Lists usable in all marketing actions and scenarios

Bulk actions on lists: add to scenario, send email or SMS, send online advice request, add pipeline, export and more

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collect customer reviews

Develop your E-reputation

In the age of the informed customer, nothing is more important than your E-reputation! Did you know that Google even uses it in its SEO algorithms? Twilead natively integrates GoogleMyBusiness and other rating tools to boost your online reputation.

Create and send personalized opinion request templates

Integrate your rating links into your models: GMB, custom value

Use the review widget on your site and boost your SEO

Track, control, respond to and / or dispute reviews from within Twilead

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