Why should you listen to your customers?

Why listen to your customers

Why and how to listen to your customers We know Steve Jobs never asked his clients what they wanted. Mark Cuban doesn’t recommend it either. Many business owners find it unnecessary to ask customers what features they want to see in their product . After all, no one knows better than the owner where a […]

10 KPIs to measure customer loyalty

10 kpis to measure customer loyalty

10 customer loyalty KPIs and how to measure them Customer retention is the process of holding onto for a period desired by businesses. It is one of the most critical aspects of business growth and development. Customer loyalty increases the revenues and the lifetime value of customers. Measuring customer retention rate helps the company to […]

6 reasons to use customer feedback for your business

Surveys to collect customer feedback

6 reasons to use customer feedback to improve performance It has never been easier for customers to give their opinion on the products or services they consume. Here are five ways you can use that customer feedback (good or bad) to improve your business. Whether you like it or not, it’s never been easier for […]

10 tips to boost customer retention

Customer awards

10 tips to boost customer retention in your business The difference between companies that are growing and those that are struggling to develop is related to the customer retention . The more customers you can keep and continue to sell products, services to them, the more likely you are to reach your goals. business goals […]

6 tips to make every customer interaction amazing

Listening to your customers

6 tips to make every customer interaction incredible (Company relationship, channel to use ..) Let’s start by asking something very simple: Your customers have high expectations. And if your business cannot satisfy them, they will leave you for your competition. If this seems hard or wrong to you, you are free to lie to yourself, […]

Top 5 best CRM software in 2021

Twilead CRM Sample Pipeline

The best CRM software to run your business (+ Bonus!) When it comes to running your growing business, you need software that either goes beyond the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets or risks getting lost in it and wasting a lot of time. A system of customer relationship management (CRM) becomes an essential tool, allowing you […]

Customer satisfaction – Everything you need to know in 2021

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The Complete Guide to Customer Satisfaction in 2021 A recent PWC survey revealed that 90% of CEOs say their customers have the most impact on their business strategy. It is no wonder. After all, the existence of any business is justified by the need of its customers to solve a specific problem. But the sad […]